The ‘Global Heritage Stone Resource’ designation seeks international recognition of natural stone resources that have achieved widespread utilization in human culture.
Natural stone rarely excites major interest, despite the fact that it has been used for construction ant other purposes for thousands of years and is part of human tradition.
Yet natural stone is also the world’s most sustainable mineral resource because it requires less energy to utilize, produces no toxic by-products, and provides the earth’s most durable construction material. So natural stone should create more than passing curiosity.
GHSR designation aims to promote greater prominence for natural stone that has been used in artistic and architectural masterpieces, and heritage building, as well as routine historic stone applications.
GHSR designation will also enhance recognition of natural stone amongst geologists, engineers, architects, heritage professionals, stone industry managers and other groups that work with stone.
In addition, GHSR designation will offer a mechanism to formalize the characteristics of natural stone material, for professional purposes and assist international co-operation into the research and utilization of natural stone.
GHSR designation will be independent of World Heritage status granted under the 1972 UNESCO Convention and will be separate from any other national or international designations or standards.